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permanent request post

.request post

.how it works - (last change of rules 12/26/2010)

» You may request here at all time. This post will remain open.
» I will do requests whenever I have time and am inspired
» If I did your request, you will find it in my next post in this community and your request will be deleted in here
» I will chose when to do a request and what request I will or won't do
» Chances of getting a request done by me are higher when you request a fandom I already worked with
» I won't reply to your post to tell you whether or not I'll do it. Just keep checking the posts. You may need to wait for it for weeks
» If I notice immediately that I won't do your request, I will notify you
» Icons that I would have done anyway (without you requesting them) will be included in my post without reference to the request post
» As of now lj backgrounds and headers are the only graphics that can be non-shareable. Exception are lj community related icons. Everything else will be shareable.


» Place your request once. If I don't post your request in my next graphic post I've most likely not done it yet
» Credit and comment when you collect your request. If this doesn't work, I'll stop and close this post.
» Always use the request form when requesting and fill out all the information I need.
» I accept 4 pictures per graphic, max.!
» Pictures need to be at least MQ, better yet HQ
» You are responsible for the pictures. I won't go find them for you so don't link me to a gallery. Link me to actual pictures.
» You may request more things at once, as long as you fill out the form for them all and provide all the pictures. Don't make a comment for each request and don't request every day.
» Do not pm me with requests unless I ask you to contact me via pm

.please note

» I'm doing this for fun. I spend my free time doing this. If it's not fun anymore I will stop
» Do not get mad at me if I won't do your request. I'm not and won't ever be obligated to do your request.
» Some things may take me longer than others. (icon - wallpaper)

.request form

» Make sure you use the right form for what you request and that you filled out ALL the information
» Don't forget to provide the pictures. If there are no pictures I will ignore the request
» copy and paste the text in the box and fill out the information

» in every form you'll find the -please make sure that:- option. If you want something to look very specific, you need to tell me here. I will try and do as you say in this and I won't go change things afterwards if you forget to add something or meant it different.

copy & paste the form in your comment.


.animated icons



.lj background


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