your brown eyes are my blue skies (emonet25) wrote in krimson,
your brown eyes are my blue skies


– do not hotlink, do not redistribute as your own
– credit is not necessary but always nice. A link would be awesome!
– I quite appreciate feedback & comments ♥
– Enjoy!!!

Set can be downloaded @ DA

Feel free to watch the community for updates!
Click the tag for more texture posts.

statistics for vBulletin
Tags: !(textures)
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June 28 2012, 00:27:54 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  June 28 2012, 00:28:09 UTC

Glad I didn't miss this. Going to take these once I get on a computer.

Will you be making any more GoT icons?
Lovely textures! Took the set and I have you creditted on my resources page already. =) Thanks!
gorgeous set!
Beautiful set ♥
taking, thanks for sharing.
gorgeous, saving, thanks
Wonderful *.*
I'm downloading these :)
Thank you for sharing :D
I took it! Thank you sweetie! They are lovely!
Thank you for the beautiful textures.
beautiful! downloading thank you :) !!
Love your textures! Thanks a lot for sharing. :)