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without further notice …

.22 game of thrones
.09 fringe
.10 grey's anatomy
.17 on the road
.02 snow white and the huntsman
.21 cosmopolis
.25 kristen stewart
.21 robert pattinson
.01 rob & kristen

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kristen - glowing in b/w cover shoot


It only took me more than half a year to do an icon post … ;)

19.downton abbey
12.grey's anatomy
32.kristen stewart
04.snow white and the huntsmen
13.robert pattinson
08.bel ami
11.rob & kristen
21.breaking dawn p1
06.emilia clarke of thrones
06.birds / nature

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rob - eric packer will fuck you up

I'm alive and working on a post …

Sorry to let you wait for a post for so long but my life is quite hectic atm and I am not on the computer as much as I used to.

I'm working on a new post right now but can't tell you when it's going to be ready.

However there will be a new texture pack soonish as I have ideas spooking around in my head.

Please note that I will close the request post. I will make the requests that are still open but not taking any new ones. Of course I will make request posts from time to time but the permanent one will be closed.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned - lots of new stuff coming! And tonight Downton Abbey and Misfits season 3 is on!! wohooo :D
maru the cat

I'm away for 3 weeks!

I'll be away for 3 weeks because I'm spending two weeks in Namibia where I'll volunteer at AfriCat Foundation and then I'll spend a couple of days in Cape Town before returning home. Then I'll be moving into my new flat and thus won't be online until later in September - should my internet connection even work until then!!! So there won't be any requests done and no replies these coming weeks.

THANK YOU ALL who have friended the community and constantly leave feedback and lovely words. They mean the world to me. I've had my share of creativity blocks and it hasn't been easy in the past few weeks. So Thank You!

Until I return,
rob - eric packer will fuck you up


17 .kristen stewart
09 .robert pattinson
01 .robert & kristen (+ wallpapers)
05 .the twilight saga
07 .riley keough
08 .game of thrones
05 .warpaint
+ requests

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rob - eric packer will fuck you up


the community name changed to krimson - if you could update the name in your credits, that would be great :)

35 .game of thrones + wallpaper ( 20 for got20in20)
23 .robert pattinson + wallpaper ( 20 for twicast20in20)
08 .kristen stewart
08 .robert & kristen + wallpaper
06 .andrew garfield
05 .garrett hedlund
10 .breaking dawn p1
02 .warpaint
+ icon requests (the ones not included in the post above)

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